Your Private Buca Tour – Something for Everyone

On our website, users are able to take a virtual restaurant tour and get a good look at our unique dining rooms. At each one of our 95 locations, visitors are able to choose which one of these fabulous rooms they’d like to eat in. There’s a Poster Room, a Wine Room, a Pope Room and a special Chef’s Table!    

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The Poster Room

You can probably imagine what gives the Poster Room its name – wall-to-wall vintage Italia posters! Only instead of hanging the posters on the wall, we’ve hung many of them on the ceiling. These colorful posters bring to mind classic Italian art, memories of Italian cinema and dreams of European travel. They create an ideal atmosphere for savoring some amazing meatballs and uncorking a stout bottle of Chianti. The Poster Room is furnished with tables of various sizes including comfortable booths and cozy café tables.  

The Wine Room

Similar to the Poster Room, the key to appreciating the Wine Room is remembering to look up! In the Wine Room, you’ll see a ceiling decorated with vines and wine bottles plus walls covered with twinkle lights and charming black-and-white photographs. Our Wine Rooms are designed to be able to accommodate multiple table configurations. Small and large parties alike are sure to have a blast in this viniferous dining rooms!  

The Pope Room

Italy’s history is practically synonymous with Pope history! For this reason, every Buca di Beppo Restaurant has a Pope Room filled with statues, photographs and other artistic representations of Popes past and present. Every Pope Room also includes souvenirs straight from the Vatican. The central object in the Pope Room is a huge round table capable of seating a party of 12 to 18 people. A lazy susan in the middle of that table makes it easy for diners to share soft breads, fresh-tossed salads and big bowls of pasta. It’s the perfect semi-private room for a great family outing or a memorable restaurant birthday party.    

Chef’s Table

Most Bucas have a Chef’s Table with unobstructed views into La Cucina and direct contact with our Italian cooks! From your seats, you and your dinner companions have the chance to see professional chefs practice authentic Italian cooking techniques. We think seeing ingredients transformed in person makes a meal that much more memorable. This is the best table in the house for foodies and anyone intrigued by a fast-paced kitchen environment. Chef’s Table guests are encouraged to interact with Buca chefs, ask them whatever questions they think of and order dishes they may have never tried before. Your server or your chef will be able to tell you which sides and wines best suit your meal. Call now to reserve the Buca di Beppo Chef’s Table for your next occasion!

Dine with our chef! Make your Reservations!