Your Buca Holiday Event Planning Timeline

Planning a holiday party for your staff or your family takes time, patience, and organization. That’s why you should partner with Buca di Beppo, the team who has experience creating thousands of successful group dining events. Here’s our holiday timeline to ensure your party is fun and stress-free.

Book Your Holiday Events at Buca today with group dining!

What to do now:                 

  • Confirm your forecasted budget. At Buca, our portions are plentiful and our catering specialists can help you maximize any sized budget.
  • Choose your date. Friday and Saturday evenings are traditionally the most popular times for holiday events, so consider an “off” day, such as a Sunday or a weekday. Also, because December is often the busiest time of year for many businesses, there is a growing trend of holding off on year-end holiday parties to host a celebration in January.
  • Decide on your guest list. Will you invite extended family and friends to your family holiday event? Will you invite all of your company’s employees or specific offices, locations, etc.?
  • Select your venue. Will you be needing to make reservations at your favorite local Buca restaurant or will we be bringing our amazing catering to a special location?
  • Send out your official invitations including theme, dress code, RSVP instructions, room block info, etc.   

Two weeks before your event:

  • Send RSVP reminders to your unregistered guests. The more accurate your head count, the easier it is to finalize your menu selections and seating areas.
  • Promote your event through email, social media, conversations, and posters. Your guests will likely have full calendars full of multiple other Christmas parties, so be sure to send out repeated reminders with enticing messages.

One week before your event:

  • Send out a detailed update to your guests telling them what to expect, any transportation details, and last minute suggestions.
  • Confirm your schedule if you will be having speeches, awards, etc.

The hours leading up to your event:

  • Decorate your space to make it festive and welcoming.
  • Be accessible to greet caterers and guests.
  • Enjoy yourself! After brainstorming party ideas and planning your event, take time to enjoy what you’ve created.

If you use this timeline for managing your holiday party planning and partner with Buca, your event is destined to be amazing! We are ready to accommodate a variety of guest counts and we have multiple available dates to accommodate you. Call us today at your local Buca di Beppo Locations to make this year’s holiday party truly memorable.

Book Your Holiday Events at Buca today with group dining!