Start 2017 on a Delicious Note:  Celebrate National Spaghetti Day on January 4

An emblem of Italian cuisine, spaghetti, the plural form of “spaghetto” meaning “thin string” or “twine” is frequently served with olive oil, herbed (oregano and basil) tomato sauce, meat, or vegetables. In Italian cuisine, the focus is on quality ingredients rather than elaborate preparation and it is this simplicity that make pasta dishes so appealing to diners of all ages, especially kids. What family doesn’t have a picture in one of their photo albums of a child in a high chair covered in spaghetti? Kids love slurping up the long noodles so much that in 1963, folk singer Tom Glazer wrote a silly song, “On Top of Spaghetti,” sung to the time of “On Top of Old Smoky”:

Make Reservations Today at Buca for National Spaghetti Day.

“On top of spaghetti,

All covered with cheese,

I lost my poor meatball,

When somebody sneezed.

It rolled off the table,

And on to the floor,

And then my poor meatball,

Rolled out of the door.”

One of the first romantic kisses we saw onscreen occurred over a shared dish of spaghetti and meatballs in Lady and the Tramp and one of the most legendary dishes in all of cinema is Clemenza’s spaghetti with sausages and meatballs in The Godfather.

At Buca di Beppo, we love every kind of pasta, but spaghetti holds a special place in our hearts. So much so that in March of 2010, our Garden Grove, California Buca di Beppo restaurant set the world record for the largest bowl of spaghetti by filling a swimming pool with over 13,780 pounds of pasta! While we might not be filling a swimming pool of spaghetti for you, the portions we bring to your table are eye-popping! Our Buca Smalls serve 2 to 3 adults and our Buca Larges serve up to 5 adults! That’s some serious spaghetti!

Whether you like your spaghetti with marinara, meat sauce, or meatballs, be sure to indulge your love of pasta on January 4th in honor of National Spaghetti Day. Enjoy 50% off Spaghetti all day on January 4! Call today to make a reservation at your favorite neighborhood Buca or grab a few orders to-go if your schedule is busy. Don’t forget to add on a few of our other amazing menu items to create your own Italian feast! Mangia!

Make Reservations Today at Buca for National Spaghetti Day.