How to Plan the Perfect Event in 24 Hours!

Event planning doesn’t have to be a weeks-long process. Planning a special party, dinner or convention can be done in less than a day, particularly if you gather up an event planning team to work with first. The staff at Buca di Beppo may not be able to replace a boutique event planning company, but they can certainly help you out when you’ve got to put something together fast!

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Here are 6 easy steps for coordinating an event that’ll exceed your guests’ expectations…  

  1. Set a Date

One thing you’ll need to know in order to tackle the rest of the planning process is when your event will happen. Depending on the scale of your function, you may want to set a date a month or more in advance. Even if the bulk of the planning can be done in just 24 hours, your invitees should be given ample time to anticipate the event and adjust their calendars if need be. We can take reservations for our restaurant and our catering service many weeks in advance.

  1. Know Your Budget

A surprise bill can really make an otherwise lovely event seem like… kind of a rip-off. Setting a budget at the get-go can prevent that unfortunate feeling. Opting for more affordable features when possible can also prevent it. At Buca di Beppo, we’ve got loads of experience working with a range of budgets. Our large, shareable entrée sizes and our variety of seating options make us a budget-friendly event locale.      

  1. Pick a Theme

Every great party has a unifying theme or objective. It might be as simple as a color scheme for a birthday or as complicated as a customized menu for a carefully branded night out. Defining the event with a theme can provide inspiration for the decorations you display, the food you serve and more.  

  1. Find the Perfect Venue

Our banquet rooms and group dining rooms are well-suited for many themes. Our wine room, for example, is the perfect spot for a wine tasting or for a romantic event and we think a Mediterranean-themed wedding would look right at home in any of our banquet spaces. Of course, if you’re going for a specific setting but still want to enjoy classic Italian eats, we also offer yummy off-premises catering.

  1. Plan the Menu

What makes any gathering of people festive and fun? Food, of course! Our food just naturally brings people together and puts them at ease. Gather at Buca or make selections from our catering menu for event refreshments that shine!

  1. Inform the Guests

Whether you want to mail out formal invites, create an e-vite or just send out a group text, letting the event attendants know about the event might be the last thing you do while planning, as well as one of the most important. Use the invitation as an opportunity to build the excitement around your big day.    

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