Planning Memorable Farewell and Retirement Parties for Special Employees

Throughout the years at a company, employees will leave who you want to celebrate before they move on. Whether the employee is retiring or moving to a new city, a party is a great way to show them how much they meant to you, their fellow employees, and the company. By taking the time to celebrate the employee’s past accomplishments as well as their future endeavors, you not only show respect for the honoree but the rest of your staff as well.

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Invite the guest of honor’s work colleagues, family, and friends. Also consider inviting outside vendors and associates in other departments who the honoree had close relationships with. Send invitations to the guests several weeks before the party and reach out to anyone who may be interested in making a short speech highlighting the honoree’s accomplishments. You may want to organize these speeches chronologically from their first day at the company through their most recent positions and achievements.

Plan a loose outline of the event with speeches at the beginning of the party. Decorate the area you will be holding the festivities with a theme to represent the honoree’s next phase in life. A hobby theme such as golf, fishing, or sports is great for a retiree and a travel theme highlighting the new city your honoree will be moving to is a fun idea for a farewell party. A powerpoint presentation or rotating display of photographs playing throughout the party will make the honoree feel special and spark conversations.

A thoughtful touch to give the honoree a way to remember the day would be to place a blank book on a nearby table where each guest can write something about the guest of honor. Have someone take photographs of the party and then add them to the book before presenting the special piece of memorabilia to your honoree.

Decide on a menu and where the food will be set up during the party. If you are celebrating in the office, you may want to have all the food in the break room or set up a buffet area. If you are hosting the party at an outside venue, make your reservations as soon as you have an idea as to how many people may be attending. We love parties and would love to provide your event with everyone’s favorite Italian dishes. Whether you are looking to have your party catered or celebrate in our dining and banquet rooms, we will supply everything you need. Plastic plates, utensils, and napkins are included with every catering order and our warm, attentive staff will take care of your party’s every need when you visit us. Food and celebrations go hand in hand so let Buca di Beppo help you and your staff celebrate that special someone who has worked hard and will be missed. We would love to be invited to your party, so give us a call today and we can start planning together.

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