Plan the Perfect Halloween Party with Buca To Go and Catering

As the end of October rolls around, adults and kids are focused on the fun of Halloween. Whether you are hosting a Halloween trick-or-treating party for the neighborhood kids or an adults-only shindig, one thing is for sure—everyone will be hungry! Make this year the best Halloween ever with Buca To Go and catering.

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Trick or Treat Pre-Party

This Halloween, gather all your friends, family, and neighbors for a tasty treat before taking all your little ghosts and goblins out to ring doorbells. By filling everyone’s tummy with something yummy before heading out, you can help prevent crazy blood sugar spikes and crashes from their mini-candy binges. Plan when everyone will be starting their candy collecting spree (check your local newspapers or neighborhood websites for popular starting times) and call Buca to deliver your catering selections. We want everyone to be safe and have fun, so do a quick safety talk while everyone is enjoying their Buca favorites:

  • Make sure your crew is outfitted in reflective tape, glow sticks, and/or flashlights to ensure they will be well seen.
  • Discuss how you will stay with your group, walk in well-lit areas, cross the road, and watch for cars.
  • Depending on the size of your group, decide to all leave and return at the same time or divide up based on age groups.

Adult Costume Parties

Whether you’re heading off to a costume party or hosting your own, don’t forget to bring Buca! If you are hosting this year’s Halloween party, set up a buffet full of Italian specialties for your guests to enjoy throughout the party. We offer a variety of pre-selected Celebration Packages or you can create your own customized menu. Simply call us and speak to one of our catering specialists or fill out our online form. If you are heading to a party where all the guests are bringing their own menu offerings, grab Buca To Go. With just a few hours notice, we can have a variety of options ready for you to pick up on your way to the party—giving you more time to put the finishing touches on your winning costume!

With a little planning this year can be the best Halloween ever. Let Buca take care of your Halloween menu with catering and To Go orders, so you can focus on having a fun night celebrating!

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