Pasta Classics for a Summer Picnic

Some picnics, such as company parties, reunions and anniversary celebrations, are just too big to fit everyone’s food into a little wicker basket. Fortunately, at Buca di Beppo, finding creative ways to accommodate (and feed) a crowd is one of our specialties! Rich, authentic Italian food may seem like a far-cry from typical picnic fare. You won’t find anything sandwiched between slices of white bread on our catering menu. But if you’re looking to serve something unexpected and surprisingly refreshing at your large-scale picnic this summer, look no further than the Buca di Beppo catering menu.  

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Penne Dishes

Penne is a versatile pasta, capable of pleasing the pickiest picnic guests. We offer several penne dishes in full-size catering pans including Penne alla Vodka, Penne San Remo and more. If you know that your picnic goers will be craving something meaty. Also, our Penne alla Vodka is more vegetarian-friendly but just as flavorful with garlic, Roma tomatoes, crushed red pepper and creamy vodka rosa sauce. The Penne San Remo is bursting with bright summer ingredients like artichokes and sundried tomatoes, making it a fitting picnic dish.

Macaroni Dishes

Macaroni is a picnic classic. Only instead of deli-style macaroni salad, we make our macaroni dishes in true Italian fashion with creamy cheese and freshly made pasta. You can’t go wrong with a heaping pan of Macaroni and Cheese, perfect for the kind of picnic that will have lots of kids in attendance. Grown-ups might prefer our Macaroni Rosa, however. This cavatappi spiral pasta entrée topped with chicken, broccoli, peas, mushrooms and our famous red sauce is indulgently delicious and definitely not for picnic traditionalists.

Linguine Frutti di Mare

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to be picnicking on the sand, this seafood dish will make you feel like there must be a beach nearby. Shrimp, baby clams, mussels, calamari and a spicy clam sauce all join forces in this linguine entrée to create a symphony of seafood flavors.

A single full-size to-go pan contains up to 20 servings so you know you’ll receive enough food to feed everyone when you turn to the Buca catering menu for your next picnic event. Pair any of our signature pastas with a salad tray, a bread tray and a dessert tray and you’ll have your picnic menu covered from beginning to end. We can even provide beverages and disposable dinner ware for your convenience. When it comes to summer picnic provisions, Buca di Beppo is a one-stop shop!  

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