Sun, Fun and Memorial Day Weekend Catering

We love three-day weekends! Especially when they’re the kind of three-day weekends that give us all time to spend time with friends and family while we celebrate the brave men and women who have served our country in the military. Of course, we’re talking about Memorial Day!

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Because it’s right at the end of spring, Memorial Day Weekend is often treated like the official start of the backyard barbecue season but with Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, summer birthday parties, etc., hamburgers and hotdogs begin to get old quickly. This year, serve something unexpected at your Memorial Day gathering by setting up some Buca di Beppo party pans in your kitchen, in the backyard or even by the pool.

Summer Favorites  

Italian food may be filling but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any light, warm-weather fare on our catering menu! Italians do enjoy some incredibly long coastlines, after all. Between cool salads, fresh seafood, lean chicken and veggie-only dishes, we offer tons of great lunch and dinner options for spring and summer parties. We even have a beloved potluck standby on the catering menu – macaroni and cheese! A single full-size party pan contains up to 20 servings so you know you’ll receive enough food for everyone when you order off of our handy dandy catering menu. As part of some of our catering packages, you’ll get to choose a salad tray consisting of either a mixed green salad or a classic Caesar. Either way, your Memorial Day guests will love to chow down on some fresh roughage tossed in a flavorful Buca salad dressing. We’ll even provide beverages to wash everything down and desserts to end the day with something sweet.  

Buca Classics To-Go

For smaller parties and family get-togethers this Memorial Day, a simple to-go order may suffice. Particularly since our entrées are all available in huge, family-size servings. For Memorial Day, we think a couple of our specialty pizzas, topped with homemade tomato sauce, just might be the perfect party snack. From the ever-popular Supremo Italiano with spicy sausage, pepperoni, bell peppers, yellow onions and meat sauce to the classic Margherita, all Buca pizzas have that authentic Italian-style taste. One large pie serves up to four which makes it an ideal choice for younger, pickier eaters. Then an order of our half-pound meatballs along with pasta or roasted garlic mashed potatoes for the adult diners would definitely make Memorial Day 2015 more memorable.

Save those blackened burgers and dogs for July. This Memorial Day, we’re thinkin’ meatballs!

Enjoy your Memorial Day!  Order Catering with Buca!