Three Reasons Why Buca is the Best Restaurant for Graduation Celebrations

Congratulations – your loved one did it! After years of studying, test taking and perseverance, graduation is finally within reach. So now is the time for you to get in high gear and start planning a party to remember in celebration of this huge accomplishment.

When looking for the best place to host a graduation party, there are a few important things to consider: the venue’s size, the atmosphere, and of course, the food. With Buca, the rest is really easy, just invite friends and family, and let the party begin. It’s really that simple! Buca knows how to celebrate (we mean REALLY celebrate) and is ready to help plan and throw the best graduation party ever! Still don’t believe us? Here are three top reasons why Buca should be your top choice for hosting your graduation celebration:

Our Place

When picking the perfect spot, keep in mind that it has to comfortably seat all your friends and family. Buca’s semi-private dining rooms are filled with large communal tables and booths, encouraging conversation and mingling among guests. If you are aiming for a slightly smaller celebration, we offer a more intimate option with our Cardinal and Pope Tables*, a private dining room with an enormous round table and decorated with souvenirs from the Vatican! Or if it’s just an immediate family affair, hang out in our kitchen and watch as your food is freshly prepared and served straight from the stove. Our Kitchen Table* is seated right in the middle of all the cooking excitement, but the best news is that you won’t have to do the dishes after you dine!

*Please call your local Buca to reserve these special tables!

Our Atmosphere
Let’s face it. Who wants to have a quiet and (dare we say) boring graduation celebration? This is the time for everyone to kick up their heels, laugh and let loose, and you definitely need a restaurant that will encourage just that! Buca’s décor is considered eclectic and whimsical, with vintage black and white photographs of Italian immigrants, ornate statues and shrines scattered throughout the restaurant, and twinkling lights strung randomly along the walls. There is definitely plenty of eye candy for the guests to laugh and talk about!

Our staff loves to get in the middle of a good time, offering outstanding service and attention to detail, even surprising the guests with a song, joke or funny story. Buca strives to go above and beyond in regards to each guest’s dining needs.

Our Food
Buca’s diverse menu offers everything from assorted antipasti and crunchy salads to creamy pastas and hearty entrées. Our authentic Italian dishes are served family-style, ideal for sharing. We also have two sizes to choose from, our Buca Small® feeds approximately two to four people, and Buca Large® generally feeds four to six.

Did we hear your appetite yearning for some delicious dessert? Don’t get us started! You and your guests will be amazed at the decadent dessert options available. From scrumptious tiramisu to rich double chocolate cake, all are handmade and the portions are enormous!

Graduation season is drawing quickly upon us, and now is the best time to find that special restaurant to book your big party. Look no further than Buca for all your graduation celebration needs! To find out more about Buca’s banquet and group packages or to make a reservation, visit us online or call your neighborhood Buca (opens in a new tab). Then you can sit back, relax and excitedly wait for the big day to arrive!