Frequently Asked Catering Questions

Before you make a large catering order, it’s natural to have some questions! These are the five most frequently asked questions we receive here at Buca di Beppo…

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Question: “How do I put in my catering order?”

Answer: You can place your Buca catering order in person at a Buca restaurant (if you just happen to be stopping by), over the phone or online. Simply find our catering tab, select your location from the available menu and follow the instructions provided to put in any order, even a very, very large one, anytime.

Question: “Do you deliver?”

Answer: Most Buca restaurants have a 10 mile delivery radius. If you need to get your catering order to a venue outside of this range, we make curbside pick-up easy. Simply provide us with a pick-up time and our staff will be sure to have your order prepped and ready to go when you need it.  

Question: “How large are your catering pans?”

Answer: Just one of our full-sized catering pans has about 20 portions of pasta when they’re filled to the top! But since they never stay full for long, we always recommend a few sides such as salad and fresh bread. Most of our pre-set catering packages include a salad pan and lots of delicious Buca bread and if that sounds like a little too much food for your group, half sizes are also available for most of the items on our catering menu.

Question: “What comes with [insert name of catering package here]?”

Answer: Catering packages may vary slightly from one location to another. One way to check what comes in a certain package is by looking online. Certain package features are consistent across all locations. All packages come with napkins, disposable plates, forks and serving utensils to make planning your gathering easier. Most deluxe package deals involve some combination of pastas and salads. Select your entrées then choose either our unique Apple Gorgonzola salad, classic Caesar or fresh Mixed Green salad. You really can’t go wrong!      

Question: “What should we order?”

Answer: This part’s mostly up to you and your guests but it’s possibly the most frequently asked question in the bunch! That being said, if you tell us a bit about the meal you’re hosting we may have some smart recommendations. For example, if you’re serving lunch at an afternoon party, we typically recommend lighter fare such as our Penne alla Vodka or an elegant tray of Mozzarella Caprese. We find hearty combinations like the Lasagna Feast package just work better for dinner. Our menu is particularly well-suited for family gatherings and events where kids will be present. For those occasions, our signature spaghetti is always a welcome addition to the spread.  

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