Family Reunion Banquets With Buca!

At Buca, family is a part of everything we do. We base all of our recipes off traditional Italian family favorites. We seat our guests at comfortable family tables and serve family-style portions. We even incorporate quirky family photos into our restaurants’ décor along with vintage posters, café lights and other Mediterranean paraphernalia. We know families and we especially know what families like to eat. Our intense family focus makes us a great choice for a family reunion dinner out!    

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Buca di Beppo restaurant is the perfect place if you are looking for a family reunion banquet venue that can accommodate any size group and has a menu diverse enough to cater to everybody involved. Our family-focused restaurants are the perfect backdrop to bring everybody together once again for a yummy meal – even those cousins you haven’t seen since you were a wee bambino yourself. With huge, pass-around platters of antipasti and single pasta entrées that can feed up to four, big, extended families will feel right at home at Buca di Beppo. Note: all of our locations have private dining rooms that are great places to host any kind of family event.

In terms of what you should order, we always recommend appetizers such as basil-topped Mozzarella Caprese or crusty garlic bread to help tide everybody over until the main courses arrive. Since family reunions are certainly a cause for celebration, why not order a traditional wicker basket Chianti for the adults to enjoy or try a bottle of our Ciao! Pinot Grigio or fruity Ciao! Rosso? It’s produced in Tuscany with the Buca di Beppo menu in mind, so it’s guaranteed to make a great addition to any entrée you pick. Last but not least, no family event is complete without sharing some sweets with those you love. Our chocolate-drizzled Cannoli and hazelnut Tiramisu will leave your family with some particularly fond reunion memories.    

When you reserve a banquet room for any occasion at any of our locations, our amazing staff can help take care of everything from the decorating to entertainment. We promise to make sure that all family members have a relaxing time which is not always the case for the reunion hosts! From homemade Lasagna to impressive half-pound Meatballs, your loved ones will definitely leave this gathering content. For more information on our private rooms and our summer dining specials, give us a call or visit our homepage!

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