Dynamite Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s your first date or you two are trying to think of something new, everyone could use a hand when it comes to thinking up date night ideas. Break out of your comfort zones and give something new a try. We have a few suggestions that are guaranteed to be memorable.

Make Reservations and have a great date night and dine with Buca!

Get active! Take a dance class and practice your teamwork skills on the dance floor. Buy a day pass and try the newest workout club. Sign up for a 5K and make a training schedule together. Take a stroll through the neighborhood or local park, or head to a state park for a more intense hike. Head to a nearby lake and rent a canoe or a kayak. If it’s a breezy day, go fly a kite. Lace up some skates at the roller rink. Physical activity is great for increasing your emotional bond.

Catch a show! Try something beyond the local movie theater. Laugh and tap your feet at a comedy or a jazz clubs. Experience the limits of the human body and voice at a ballet or opera performance. These are also great “last minute” options since often there are often discounted tickets online.

Take a tour! Breweries, wineries, and distilleries frequently offer tours to teach patrons about the production process and to sample the results. Most tourist attractions such as museums, aquariums, and zoos have guided tours that will teach even the most knowledgeable guest some new information. Both experts and novices can come away from a tour with a new appreciation of a process, technique, or artist.

Take a class! Whether you are looking for multiple classes or a single experience, learning something together takes the pressure off having to maintain a constant conversation but gives you each something exciting to talk about after the class. Together you can learn photography, how to play guitar, or a new language. If you are looking for a single, practical lesson, your local home improvement center offers lots of free classes most weekends. Discussing and practicing what you’ve learned together will continue your connection beyond the initial lesson.

Go for the classic! Dinner and a movie is a classic for a reason…because everyone loves it! Italian cuisine is always the top choice for a dinner date and here at Buca we will make your night extra special. Visit us before or after you catch the latest big screen release to share a romantic meal.

If you want to try a slight variation on “the classic” date, have a picnic. Pick up a few Buca selections to-go and enjoy them before an outdoor performance or while watching the sun set. Another option is to pick up your Buca treats and spend the night in with a movie marathon, playing board games, or binging on your favorite television shows.

No matter what you decide to do on your next date, let Buca be a part of it. Choose to have our wait staff and chefs prepare your dinner while you relax at our restaurant or take your meals to another fun location, either way, a delicious Buca meal is the perfect addition to any date.

Make Reservations and have a great date night and dine with Buca!