Don’t Delay—Make Your Christmas Reservations Today!

The month of December is often spent in a frenzy, but Christmas dinner is a time to stop and enjoy spending time with loved ones over a delicious meal. At Buca, we’d like to extend an invitation to you and your family to join us on Christmas and Christmas Eve for a mouthwatering meal everyone is sure to love.

Make Your Christmas Day Reservations at Buca Here!

Focus on Family Time

Dining at home can present many distractions (televisions, iPads, phones, pets, etc.) that can distract everyone from focusing on the people at the table and the meal you are sharing. At Buca you’ll strike up a conversation about our black and white photos or start sharing stories of Christmas past; focusing on what is important—spending time together.

New Opportunities and Variety

Between kids, picky eaters, and dietary restrictions, Christmas dinner menus at home can become overwhelming and stressful. At Buca, kids can be daring by ordering something new or they can simply sample from everyone’s selections. Picky eaters can expand their horizons or stick to one of their tried and true favorites. Finally, Buca can handle the dietary restriction your guests may have. Whether you are a family of diverse tastes or you are all adventurous eaters, Christmas dinner at Buca will meet everyone’s needs.


Maybe you don’t enjoy cooking? Or you enjoy cooking but don’t want the pressure of Christmas dinner? No matter the reason, Buca can make your Christmas dinner delicious, enjoyable, and convenient. No need to plan for weeks, find recipes, and run all over town purchasing ingredients. No need to wake up at dawn and run a constant rotation of dishes through your oven. At Buca, you simply choose your selections and your family style dishes magically appear before you! By letting our chefs do all the cooking and our staff serve you and your family, you are able to focus on the fun and conversation. To top it all off—no towering piles of dishes for you to tackle at the end of your feast!

Join Us at Buca

In our modern lives, it can be difficult to get everyone together for a meal and a large gathering can sometimes pose location and preparation challenges. This year, instead of hosting Christmas dinner in your home, we invite you to come to ours. We are open from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We strongly encourage you to book your reservations today because Christmas is our busiest time of the year and seating is limited!

Make Your Christmas Day Reservations at Buca Here!