Caring for Your Out of Town Guests This Thanksgiving

Holidays mean out of town guests, which can lead to a lot of logistics surrounding who is staying where. Whether it is your grandchildren, friends, or third cousins, if your situation permits, you may be opening up your home to guests this Thanksgiving. A little advanced planning will help you and your house guests feel the most comfortable. Discuss daily plans and sleeping arrangements with them before they arrive so they will know what to expect during their visit.

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If your guests are arriving to your home on their own and have not visited you before, email and text your address and phone number a few days beforehand. If you are picking up your guests, be sure to have their travel itinerary (with train / flight numbers) a few days before their arrival.

Be sure your guests’ bed is outfitted with freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases, and a nice pillow or two. A bedside light for reading will make a room feel more welcoming and a small vase with flowers is a nice touch. Store extra blankets in the closet and make a space for your guests to hang some of their clothes or consider purchasing a garment rack. If you have a dresser in your guest bedroom, clear a drawer or two so your guests aren’t living entirely out of their suitcases. You may want to consider a leaving a short list with information such as your wi-fi password, household quirks (the shower handles are backward) and rules (no smoking. don’t let the cat out.) If they will be coming and going from your home without you, provide them with a spare key so they can lock up when they leave and aren’t relying on you to let them in.

Stock your guest bathroom with plenty of clean towels, toilet paper, and shower necessities. A basket filled with small-sized toiletries is often appreciated by guests who may have forgotten something.

Stock your refrigerator with beverages and your pantry with snacks. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter and make things easy to find, such as a basket with granola bars for the early risers. Put coffee cups by the coffee maker as well as setting out some plates, bowls, and utensils.

Check your local websites, newspaper and magazines for upcoming events and leave these in your guests’ room so they can browse them as well. Decide ahead of time what each day will entail in regards to outings and entertainment. You may be interested in doing everything together for their entire stay or you may be otherwise occupied and want your guests to have all the information necessary to plan their own outing.

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