Black Friday Shopping Tips from Buca

At Buca we want you to have the most successful and fun Black Friday this year, so we’ve compiled a few tips to make your big shopping day more rewarding and less stressful.

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Start today:

Sign up for emails: Which stores will you be shopping at this year? Visit each store’s website and sign up for their email newsletters.

Check out store layouts: Do a trial run to map out each store’s departments. When you arrive on the big day, you’ll know exactly where to go.

Make Your Reservations at Buca: Make sure you are well fed during your deal hunting adventures so you aren’t standing in all of those long lines with an empty stomach!

A few days before Black Friday:

Review the ads and compare prices: Carefully review each store’s ad and compare prices before adding items to your list. While most stores will not price match on Black Friday, you still may find your item priced lower at another store or on-line. 

Prioritize your shopping list: When creating your list, group your items by store and then list them by order of importance. Be sure to include colors, styles, etc. to ensure you purchase the correct item.

Create a backup plan: You may not find certain items you are shopping for or they may be sold out. Create a backup plan by adding a second item to your list. 

Read the fine print: Read the fine print and exclusions (often beneath individual deals or at the bottom of a Black Friday ad) to prevent any last minute surprises.

Plan your shopping route: Plan your shopping route according to store proximity, opening times, and must have items.

Black Friday:

Shop with the ads in your hand: Have your ads with you when you shop, so if the price rings up incorrectly, you can show the cashier the ad with the correct price.

Shop with a friend: Not only is shopping with a friend fun, it can help you divide and conquer by separating and grabbing items from different areas of the store. 

Watch the clock: The prices of some items change with the clock and some doorbusters are only available for a limited time. 

Get gift receipts: Gift receipts will make returns or exchanges much easier.

Talk to people in line: Make the most of your inevitable time in line by chatting with the people around you. Your fellow shoppers may have some deal stories to share that could benefit your shopping plan.

Fuel up at Buca: Tell everyone to meet at Buca to refuel before heading back out for more deals or after you’ve all shopped until you’ve dropped. We’ll restore you with a delicious meal while you relax, compare notes on stores, and congratulate each other on your purchases.

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