Attention Leaplings! Buca’s Got a Birthday Gift for You!

It is estimated that almost 4 million people across the globe celebrate their birthdays on February 29. Most “leaplings” or “leap year babies” thus celebrate their birthday on either February 28 or March 1, except every four years when their true birth date comes around. Since 2016 is a leap year, Buca wants to celebrate by offering these special birthday guests a free spaghetti and meatball plate when they visit between February 26 – 29. We want to celebrate guests who only celebrate their birthday on their true birth date 25% of the time by offering a 100% authentic Italian birthday meal.

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How are leap years added?

It takes the Earth approximately 365.242189 days (365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds) to circle once around the Sun. However, our calendar has only 365 days in a year. The remaining 6 hours are added as a single day to the calendar every four years. If we didn’t add a day every four years, we would lose almost six hours off our calendar each year and after 100 years, our calendar would be off by 24 days.

Where does the term “leap year” come from?

The name “leap year” comes from the fact that while a fixed date on our calendar normally advances one day of the week from one year to the next, in a leap year the day of the week will advance two days due to extending February to 29 days rather than the common 28. The extra day added at the end of February “leaps over” one of the days in the week.

What are your chances of being born on leap day?

The chance of being born on a leap day is one in 1,461, since four years equals 1,460 days plus one day for the leap year. It is estimated that almost 187,000 people in the United States were born on a leap day.

If you have a leap year birthday come celebrate your birthday with Buca. Every day is a celebration at Buca di Beppo but our free spaghetti and meatball plate will have leaplings truly leaping for joy! Dine in with us this February 26 – 29 and bring a valid ID showing your 2/29 birthdate to receive a free spaghetti with meatball plate.

Leap into Buca for Your Birthday! Book Here.