7 Signs You Have a Great Boss: National Boss’s Day October 17

National Boss’s Day is the perfect time to show your boss how much you appreciate their kindness and fairness throughout the year. You may overlook all that they do when you are focusing on your own job, so take a minute to consider all that they do for the company (and you!) every day. Here are 7 signs you have a great boss:

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  1. Your boss sets clear expectations and doesn’t micromanage

A great boss identify priorities and discusses expected outcomes and results. The boss then entrusts the employee to execute the details and get the work done how they see fit, rather than telling the employee how to do it.

  1. Your boss gives immediate feedback and recognizes efforts

A great boss gives immediate feedback as to whether a worker has made a mistake or has succeeded, not months later at their performance assessment. Great bosses establish a coach-player relationship with their employees to offer advice, reinforce high quality performance, and make employees feel appreciated.

  1. Your boss appreciates each person’s skills and unique talents

A great boss observes and speaks with employees in order to take advantage of what each employee does best. Employees then feel confident about their work, skills, and talents and the boss is able to reap the rewards of employee satisfaction.

  1. Your boss is open, truthful, and not afraid of empowerment

A great boss is direct, but sensitive in their communication.They are not insecure about empowering their employees and they encourage employees to make positive changes within the company.

  1. Your boss is prepared to coach

A great boss educates, encourages, and leads their team by example, never assuming employees know what to do and how to do it. They know when it’s time to jump in from off the sidelines and coach their workers on how to do a particular job.

  1. Your boss knows their employees

A great boss is friendly, available and makes time for employees who want to speak to them. A great boss will also be open to learning about employees’ lives outside of the workplace. This is often helpful when an employee needs to make arrangements for time off, flex-time or a family emergency. Employees are more committed to their work when they have caring and interested bosses!

  1. Your boss works on being a better boss

Many bosses have a natural flair for leadership, but much of what it takes to be a great boss is the constant learning and developing of new and better management capabilities. Great bosses often attend classes and seminars and read books on how they can perform better in their role.

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 Order catering for your office party to celebrate your boss.